Friday, December 24, 2010

Tea Party influencing the GOP towards more support of Marijuana Reform

Tea Party influencing the GOP towards more support of Marijuana Reform: "
From Eric Dondero:

Pat Robertson's new position of Marijuana decriminalization has taken a number of pundits on the left and right by surprise. But as Melissa Bell, a columnist for the Washington Post points out, it may not be all that surprising given the rise of the libertarian-oriented Tea Party.

From WaPo 'Pat Robertson, supporter of Legalized Pot?' Dec. 23:
Robertson's position is not as unusual as you might think. Support for legalizing marijuana has been growing amongst conservatives, who cite legalization as an answer to the 'narcoterroism' in Mexico and the overburdened jail system. In October, Newsweek looked at the GOP's relationship to marijuana, saying that although only 25 percent of Republicans favor legalizing marijuana (as compared to 55 percent of Democrats), the number has jumped seven points since 2005. The article credits the influence of the anti-government-intervention Tea Party:
It's becoming increasingly hard for conservative candidates and lawmakers to square libertarian Tea Party catchphrases like 'fiscal responsibility' and 'limited government' with the government's war on drugs, especially when their constituents might prefer to see a war on joblessness.
Editor's comment - 25% of Republicans now favor marijuana reform is a very encouraging number for the libertarian wing.

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