Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama Bows In Japan To Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko

From The Huffington Post: 11-15-09 02:36 AM | Updated: 11-15-09 03:29 AM

In a scene that will likely be replayed on Sunday's political talk shows, President Obama bowed deeply to the Emperor and Empress of Japan on Saturday. The president's kowtow to the royal couple came on the second day of his Asian tour and before a private lunch with the pair in Tokyo.

An unnamed, senior Obama administration official told Politico Saturday that the president was observing protocol, saying, "I think that those who try to politicize those things are just way, way, way off base." During his speech in Tokyo, President Obama reaffirmed the United State's alliance with Japan and called himself America's first Pacific President.

In April, the president was criticized by the National Republican Senatorial Committee for bowing to Saudi King Abdullah at a G-20 meeting. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs declined to call Obama's gesture to Abdullah a bow, instead saying Obama "bent over" to shake hands with the king.

Anticipating drama, the Los Angeles Times wrote a blog entry Saturday about the bow. The LA Times detailed former Vice President Dick Cheney's (non-bow) handshake with the Japanese emperor and pointed to the "comedic" drama surrounding former Presdient Clinton's bow to Akihito.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Is Obama Even American?


After watching Obama's performance here, I have to wonder is this guy even an American? I mean, it's as if we are being led by someone that has no idea what our culture, customs, mores, and values are. It's as if he is an alien. I mean this sincerely and without pun in regards to the whole birther thing. His template for being president is such that any trace of what being American is was removed and replaced with something that does not have any national identity at all. It is as if he sees himself as a citizen of the world at best. Anyone that voted for the pretend American should be ashamed of themselves. Oh yeah, screw doctor joe medicine crow and the stolen horse he rode in on. I wonder if he knows chief jay strongbow?

Democrat gets tripped up on easy Health Care question


A Texas politician with a slick haircut, and a rather oily response

Meet Jack McDonald. He's the leading Democrat candidate for Congress in Texas CD 10, (Brenham/Tomball stretching from north of Houston to north of Austin). The seat is currently held by Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, and is pretty "safe GOP" territory.

Saluting the American Flag optional?

November 13, 3:26 PMNY Homeland Security ExaminerMichael Haltman

No Flag Pin On The Lapel. No Salute Or Hand Over The Heart For The National Anthem!
From the one picture speaks 1,000 words department, here are 2,000. Just a little food for thought on a Friday afternoon. The picture on top is Memorial Day this year, and the one below is during the Presidential campaign. Unless the music is over and the others on the podium are frozen in position, President Obama was just not inspired to show his respect for the American flag and by extension the Country. Now there is different protocol for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem, but not for a President. And apparently not for the others he is standing with.
This our Commander-in-Chief who professes love of country and love for the troops. Is this just another administration example of rhetoric over reality? Is this a red flag? Just some food for thought for Friday Happy Hour.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why are we in Afghanistan?

Oh yeah, I remember: It's because of Osama Bin Laden. We are there to get him. The problem is, he ain't there. He's probably in Pakistan, or Berserkistan, or maybe Alabamastan. As a matter of fact, the US military estimates around 100 Al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan:

So why are we there again?

Oh yeah, it's to bring democracy to them. Again, the problem is, they don't want it. It appears that most of the Afghanistan people are OK with a theocracy. In the last elections, only 50% of the voters turned out, and the US backed corrupt ruler only pulled in around 60% of the vote, and a third of that was from stuffed ballot boxes. I'll bet that if the Taliban was on the ballot, they would have won handily.

So, again, tell be why we are there?

Oh, yeah, to keep the Taliban's hands off of the nukes. That should be easy: If they get close, destroy them. Let them create nuclear fuel out of camel dung.

Let's try it again: So why are we in Afghanistan?

Oh, yeah, to bring peace to the Middle East. Right, the Middle East hasn't had peace since...well, they nave NEVER had peace. That region has been in conflict with somebody conquering someone else since 550 BC. And We're gonna fix it? Right.

So why are we in Afghanistan?

No more reasons? Then let's get out.

But, (the crowd hollers) "If we pull out, we would have lost and the Taliban would have won!" So I guess we're in Afghanistan to "save face,” Like George Carlin said about Vietnam, "Pulling out doesn't seem manly, keep it in there until the job is finished." So we will stay there until the job is finished, every day US soldiers get killed to keep us from looking like losers. It's pride that keeps us there, and as long as we can't face the realism that that country will never have peace or democracy, all we will be doing is pouring money down a well while our young men are dying.

It ain't worth it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Stink of the week

My first post.

Politics have become too partisan. What became of the old days when Democrats and Republicans could work together to get something done? Now, if a Republican dares to vote for a Democratic bill, the likes of Lush Rumballs or Yawn Hannity condemn them like they just personally nailed Jesus to the cross, UPSIDE DOWN!!!

Now don't get me wrong, many Democrat (and Republican) bills deserve to be voted down. But this hate of anyone on the other side will drive this country to ruin.

A good example of this hate is the recent condemnation of President Obama daring to speak to our children in the "sanctuary of their classroom". It was "indoctrination" to the "socialist views" of the president. I'm not a fan of Obama, (I didn't vote for either him OR McCain, I lean Libertarian) but the nut cases on (what they call) the right failed to mention that G.H.W. Bush did the same damn thing in 2001:

The "Right" and "Left" are so insecure of their position in politics that they cannot support someone on the other side of the aisle.

If Obama Promises to do something like get rid of the Patriotic Act, Lush and Yawn (more about them and the other talkers later) will attack him for not caring about America. If he changes his mind and supports the act, they attack him for "Waffling".

And back when the Republicans were in control of the Senate, the talkers were ranting and raving about the Democrats filibustering anything. "Give us an up or down vote!" "Let the (whatever) stand or fall on it's own merits." Now that the Republicans are in the minority, they would filibuster a democrat bill making it against the law to torture kittens.

And Democrats are no different. Any Republican who is against a piece of democratic legislation is just "Following lockstep with the RNC" or "in bed with big business", or, and here's the best one. "extreme" (Actually the Republicans use the "extreme" label a lot also, but it seems like it comes from the Democrats more.)

Both parties are full of people who are too lazy to think for themselves. Anything a member of their party does is OK, and anything the other party does is liken to having sex with donkeys. They both say they're trying to court the "middle", or the one third of Americans who don't pledge allegiance to either party, but they are afraid to "offend" the non-thinkers.

We've gone in just a few years from polite disagreement between the parties to downright hate, and I'm not sure what the answer is.