Friday, December 31, 2010

Morality in Media President: "Sex shops are like a cancer"

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Gabrielle Silva takes down a customer's order from the drive-thru window, stuffs a bag full of products and passes it outside to the couple waiting in a car.
"Thanks, and I put some free condoms in there, too!" Silva chirps.
In this technology-savvy north Alabama city, visitors won't just find burgers and prescriptions at the drive-thru window.
A "romance" store called Pleasures offers a rare convenience not only for these parts but nationally: a drive-through with adult novelties for sale. Business is brisk so far, with cars sometimes lining up three deep for vibrators, lubricants, lingerie and other 


The head of a New York-based nonprofit group that campaigns for tougher anti-obscenity statutes wishes government officials would work harder to stamp out businesses like Pleasures, and sex toys.
"I liken it to a cancer, a slow-moving cancer ... and law enforcement is ignoring it," said Robert W. Peters Jr., president of Morality in Media Inc. "It's been a battle going back to the 1960s."

Drive-thru sex toy shop offers privacy in Alabama -

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