Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Republicans, the party of "Naw, I don't think so"...

OK, here we go again. The Republicans in the Senate are, now let me get this straight, they're voting to not debate the banking reform bill.Now they're not voting against the bill, they're voting to not start the debate. What kind of nimrods do we have in congress that will not even allow debate on a bill? Now don't get into this "well the Democrats did it" stuff. Of course the Democrats did it , the Republicans have done it before also. That doesn't make it right. These rules, like reconciliation, are allowed in the Senate. But just because it can be invoked, does that mean it has to be invoked?  The Democrat pundits are right, the Republicans are the "party of no". Whatever the Dems propose, they oppose. Even if the GOP proposed it a couple of years ago, they oppose it now. And not only are they going to oppose it, they are not even going to allow the Senate to talk about it.

Personally, I can't support any of these Republicans. And Since I can't support the Democrats either, for other reasons, where does that leave me? This new "Tea party" seems to be full of nut cases, not to mention that the Republicans are jumping all into the Tea Party like it was their idea. The Libertarians, whose ideas I am more closely aligned with, spend too much time trying to get drugs legalized. While I am for the decriminalization of drugs, it's not my top priority.

The Democrats have it right in a lot of ways, they are for restricting government when the republicans are for increasing government. The Hannities and Limbaughs say the GOP is the party of "less government"; the party of freedom, (Hannity's bumper music is "Let Freedom Ring"). True, the Republicans believe you should be free to do anything they think is moral. If you're homosexual (I'm not by the way) and you want to marry the one you love, they're the party of "no". If you're a woman (and I'm not by the way) who wants to make her own decision about her reproductive system, they're the party of "no". If you're an adult (which I am by the way) and you want control over your body, and what and when you put something into it, they're the...well, take a WAG...

Until the GOP gets the balls to stand up to the extremist groups (and by the way, that phrase is WAY overused) like the religious nut cases, the Tea Party nut cases, and nut cases in general, they will continue to falter. They need to stand up for their own principals, but also allow their members to think for themselves without party repercussion. We know the Democrats are not going to do this, but the GOP, the party of freedom, should allow their members to be free. It's OK for a party to have a platform, but to force the members to conform to every plank for fear of being cut off, is not the party of freedom, it's the party of Freedom to do "anything we think is OK".


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