Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why are we in Afghanistan?

Oh yeah, I remember: It's because of Osama Bin Laden. We are there to get him. The problem is, he ain't there. He's probably in Pakistan, or Berserkistan, or maybe Alabamastan. As a matter of fact, the US military estimates around 100 Al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan:

So why are we there again?

Oh yeah, it's to bring democracy to them. Again, the problem is, they don't want it. It appears that most of the Afghanistan people are OK with a theocracy. In the last elections, only 50% of the voters turned out, and the US backed corrupt ruler only pulled in around 60% of the vote, and a third of that was from stuffed ballot boxes. I'll bet that if the Taliban was on the ballot, they would have won handily.

So, again, tell be why we are there?

Oh, yeah, to keep the Taliban's hands off of the nukes. That should be easy: If they get close, destroy them. Let them create nuclear fuel out of camel dung.

Let's try it again: So why are we in Afghanistan?

Oh, yeah, to bring peace to the Middle East. Right, the Middle East hasn't had peace since...well, they nave NEVER had peace. That region has been in conflict with somebody conquering someone else since 550 BC. And We're gonna fix it? Right.

So why are we in Afghanistan?

No more reasons? Then let's get out.

But, (the crowd hollers) "If we pull out, we would have lost and the Taliban would have won!" So I guess we're in Afghanistan to "save face,” Like George Carlin said about Vietnam, "Pulling out doesn't seem manly, keep it in there until the job is finished." So we will stay there until the job is finished, every day US soldiers get killed to keep us from looking like losers. It's pride that keeps us there, and as long as we can't face the realism that that country will never have peace or democracy, all we will be doing is pouring money down a well while our young men are dying.

It ain't worth it.

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