Friday, November 6, 2009

Stink of the week

My first post.

Politics have become too partisan. What became of the old days when Democrats and Republicans could work together to get something done? Now, if a Republican dares to vote for a Democratic bill, the likes of Lush Rumballs or Yawn Hannity condemn them like they just personally nailed Jesus to the cross, UPSIDE DOWN!!!

Now don't get me wrong, many Democrat (and Republican) bills deserve to be voted down. But this hate of anyone on the other side will drive this country to ruin.

A good example of this hate is the recent condemnation of President Obama daring to speak to our children in the "sanctuary of their classroom". It was "indoctrination" to the "socialist views" of the president. I'm not a fan of Obama, (I didn't vote for either him OR McCain, I lean Libertarian) but the nut cases on (what they call) the right failed to mention that G.H.W. Bush did the same damn thing in 2001:

The "Right" and "Left" are so insecure of their position in politics that they cannot support someone on the other side of the aisle.

If Obama Promises to do something like get rid of the Patriotic Act, Lush and Yawn (more about them and the other talkers later) will attack him for not caring about America. If he changes his mind and supports the act, they attack him for "Waffling".

And back when the Republicans were in control of the Senate, the talkers were ranting and raving about the Democrats filibustering anything. "Give us an up or down vote!" "Let the (whatever) stand or fall on it's own merits." Now that the Republicans are in the minority, they would filibuster a democrat bill making it against the law to torture kittens.

And Democrats are no different. Any Republican who is against a piece of democratic legislation is just "Following lockstep with the RNC" or "in bed with big business", or, and here's the best one. "extreme" (Actually the Republicans use the "extreme" label a lot also, but it seems like it comes from the Democrats more.)

Both parties are full of people who are too lazy to think for themselves. Anything a member of their party does is OK, and anything the other party does is liken to having sex with donkeys. They both say they're trying to court the "middle", or the one third of Americans who don't pledge allegiance to either party, but they are afraid to "offend" the non-thinkers.

We've gone in just a few years from polite disagreement between the parties to downright hate, and I'm not sure what the answer is.

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