Friday, December 2, 2011

The search for intelligent life doesn't stop in Kansas

It was a simple cartoon, no outstanding graphics, looks like it could have been drawn by a 10th grader.

But what it said spoke volumes...

What this cartoon said was how ignorant of economics the artist, Lee Judge of the Kansas City Star is,

The premise, of course, is that the federal government is wasting money that could be used to feed hungry children. The reality, and something that Mr. Judge just doesn't get, is when NASA, or any government agency, or any corporation, or any small business spends money, that money actually goes somewhere, to someone. It isn't stuffed into mattresses, buried in mason jars in the backyard, or hidden behind walls. People actually earn it. In NASAs case, we have directors, engineers, scientists, and programmers. We also have Janitors, cafeteria cooks, dishwashers, landscapers, maintenance personnel and secretaries. In other words, we have thousands of people earning a living, paying their bills, feeding their children.

Mr. Judge seems to think that it would be better to not pay people those wages, rather to give this money to people that don't earn it, because those people are more deserving than the workers.

I'm supposing that Mr. Judge feels that we would all be better off it the Kansas City Star decided to stop paying him so they could give away his salary to someone. I mean, do we really need a cartoonist? Couldn't we go on without them?

I'm sure that he could fine others on the paper's staff that he believes we can live without, Who actually reads those daily corrections anyway? Who would notice if they weren't there? That's more money that could go to people that don't work for it.  

The more we continue toward this notion that people who earn money aren't as deserving as those who don't, the more we slide into Socialism. Think Greece.

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