Friday, October 7, 2011

Proof:the Wall Street Protesters aren't really anti-corporation

Here you see a group of the Wall Street protesters, and their "shop". You can see at least 5 or 6 laptops , with one, maybe three made by Apple. This is a company that made almost 25% profit last year. if these idiots were really against the big, bad corporations, they wouldn't be using their products.

The fact is, these people don't have a clue what they're protesting against. Sure, they have catchy slogans ("Take back America", "Stop corporate crime", "Heal America", etc.), but go up and ask one and you'll probably get some gobbledygook punctuated with a dozen or so "like"s: "You know, like, man, we're, like protesting, like, the greedy fat cats on, like Wall Street, who, like are bringing the country, like down you know."

Plus, who's supporting them financially? 10 to 1 they're probably living with their parents, sucking up their groceries (bought from the greedy corporate grocery chains), all the while moaning and groaning about "taxing the corporations out of business".

They think they're imitating the youth anti-establishment movement of the sixties, when in fact, they're protesting against those very people. Ask any 60-year old executive what his political views were in the 60s and you'll probably find that he was as left-wing as these protesters are.

If they put as much time and effort in productive society as they are here, maybe it would kick start our economy.  

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