Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AZ School Chief Compares Studies to Hitler Jugend

Not endorsing or condemning this guy (I've never heard of him), why is that no one is allowed to compare anything to Hitler without being branded a Nazi or racist?

Hitler was one of the most evil people to ever lived, but you have to admit he wasn't stupid. Making sure all guns were confiscated before he started his witch hunt, enabled him to capture and kill millions.

Another smart idea was the creation of the Jugend, to indoctrinate children and teenagers in the Nazi way of life, to believe they the Aryan was superior.

Our government schools sometime do the same, there were many videos of school kids singing the praises of Obama. Here's one:

A government indoctrinating children to support one Presidential candidate over another. Just like the Jugend.

Read the article at:
AZ School Chief Compares Mexican American Studies to Hitler Jugend (As He Endorses White Supremacist-Backed Candidate) « SpeakEasy

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