Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Great, here's another country we need to impose on for the next 50 years.

Michael Reagan

United States Must Lead in Libya

8/25/2011 | Email Michael Reagan | Columnist's Archive

With approximately 135 different tribes within its borders, the hard lifting in Libya now begins. It is incumbent upon the United States to take a lead role in this vital area. No more of the Obama policy of leading from the rear -- the U.S. must lead, and must lead from the front.
The Libyan people have not breathed freedom since the tyrant Gadhafi took control of their government way back in 1969. It may not be easy for Libyans to learn how to be free after all that time, but we can and must help them.

There are factions in Libya that support terrorism, and we cannot allow them to gain control of a nation with $85 million a day coming from oil sales and with upwards of $150 billion in assets now frozen by international action. We also cannot allow known weapons supplies and raw nuclear material to get into the hands of the enemies of freedom now vying for power.

That lead role will be critical. With Gadhafi's 42-year-long dictatorship all but over, Libya's new leaders face what Peter Apps of Reuters called "the daunting task of restoring order, beginning reconstruction and avoiding collapse into conflict and chaos."

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