Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA): "I don't like the bill" "This is the best deal we can get"

Quotes from Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) regarding the GOP debt "reduction" bill according to Jami Dupree:

"This is the best deal we can get,"

"I've always been an undecided,"

"I don't like the bill; I think it was negotiated terrible, but it's a start...I think this is a good start."

This is from a candidate who promised to cut spending back to the 2008 levels, and to make "some real cuts to our federal budget"

When a compromise bill is passed (and it will pass), both the GOP and Dems will strain muscles slapping themselves on the back and come back to their districts spouting bullshit about how they cut spending when in fact the final bill will probably do nothing to cut next year's budget.

We have to face it, the old school Republicans do not want to cut spending, that's how they get elected, by bring money back to their district. Money the government either took from someone else, or borrowed. I'm not 100% on the Tea Party yet, but they have shown that they can get elected. We need to give them a chance. I suggest that if your GOP congressman is challenged by a Tea Party-er, it might be a good idea to see what this person can do.

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