Sunday, October 17, 2010

So, Barack, What Happened? - Bill O'Reilly - Townhall Conservative

Two years ago, Barack Obama was the political equivalent of Elvis Presley -- rolling into towns across America, performing before adoring crowds. Like the King, then-Sen. Obama relished the adoration and gave the crowd a great show. I saw it myself in New Hampshire.
But now everything has changed. President Obama is not welcome in many parts of the country. Even some members of his own party don't want to be seen with him. It's so bad that Joe Manchin, the Democratic governor of West Virginia who is now running for the U.S. Senate, actually put out a TV commercial where he takes a rifle and shoots a hole into paper explaining "cap and trade" legislation.
Obama, a deeply sensitive individual, must be asking himself what the deuce is going on. How could things change so quickly in 24 months? Of course, the bad economy is the major reason for his fall, but that doesn't fully explain the extent of the president's problems.
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So, Barack, What Happened? - Bill O'Reilly - Townhall Conservative

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